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How to Prepare Sandesh at Home Very Easily? Step by Step Process of Making Sandesh


  How to Prepare Sandesh at Home Very Easily? Complete Step-by-Step Process of Making Sandesh
Full Explanation, with Images and Video


How to Prepare Sandesh at Home

Things to Get Done While Preparing Sandesh

The ingredients can be divided into three parts.

1. Preparing the chenna,
2. Making the Sandesh- with/without molt, and
3. Garnishing

Ingredients for Preparing the Chenna

  1. Milk- 1 liter
  2. Lemon juice or vinegar- 1 to 2 tablespoon
  3. A clean cloth

Ingredients for Preparing the Sandesh

  1. Extracted chenna
  2. Sugar or jaggery- 3 tablespoon

Ingredients for Garnishing

  1. Almond- 4-5 
  2. Pista- 4-5
  3. Raisins (kishmish)- 10-12 (pieces)

How to Prepare Sandesh

Part 1: Preparing the Chenna-Follow the Steps Below

  1. Boil the milk in a medium flame. 
  2. When the milk starts boiling very well add the lemon juice or vinegar and stir well. Immediately the milk will start to curdle. 
  3. Switch Off the flame.
  4. When the process is done, take fresh cloth and strain. All the milk and the chenna will be left on the cloth. 
  5. Now, hold the cloth tight and strain all the extra water by squeezing it thoroughly. Don't open the cloth tie until all the water is extracted. 
  6. At this point, hang the cloth on a hook and leave it for at least 2 hours to let the water be extracted properly. 
  7. You can put a heavy stone on the cloth to strain the rest of the water for at least one hour. 
  8. Then, open the cloth and pour fresh water to wash the chenna. This process helps to strain all the salinity from the chenna, makes it soft and fresh. 

Part 2: Preparing Sandesh

1. Place the chenna on a flat plate.
2. Start to mash it with your palm to remove all the lumps.
3. Keep doing it for a minimum of 12 to 15 minutes to make the chenna smooth and soft.
4. Make sure all the granules should be removed.
5. Now add the sugar or the jaggery and mix it well with the dough.
6. Keane it finely until the jaggery or the sugar melts completely with the dough.
7. This leading process is a little longer to avoid lumps or granules. Or else the Sandesh will also leave the same.
8. Now, take a frying pan and heat it in a medium flame.
9. Add all the chenna on it and start cooking it on a low to medium flame.
10. This process is done to remove all the moisture from the mix. This step will continue for only 9 to 10 minutes, not more than that.

You can see that when extra the moisture evaporates the dough will become solid but soft indeed.

Note: This process is very crucial. You have to be very careful about the evaporation of the moist, otherwise, the dough can become dry and rubbery. No oil should be released. Or else it will be difficult to make the Sandesh and it can become hard and non-tasty.

11. Now keep the dough on a flat plate to cool as room temperature.
12. When the dough is set, we can start giving shape to our Sandesh.
13. Take out small balls and give the shape of your choice.
14. Now, at last, refrigerate all the Sandesh for a minimum of 1 hour before serving.

Making Sandesh with Molts

1. First, take the molt.
2. Grease it with a little refined oil. It will help the dough to come out easily from the molt.
3. Take a small amount from the dough and press the dough on the molt and take out on a plate. It surely will help to save time.

Part 3: Garnishing the Sandesh

When all the wonderful looking Sandesh are settled on the plate, you can put single piece almonds and pista and kiss on them. You can also sprinkle the crushed nuts on it, whatever you like.

Enjoy the delicate taste of Bengali sweet Sandesh. You can send these sweets to your loved ones on special occasions to give them a surprise with all of your good wishes. As the Sandesh is a dry sweet so it will not be very difficult to carry. Enjoy Sandesh and make your time sweet and memorable.

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