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Pineapple Malpua Recipe for Beginners| Step-by-Step From Scratch


      Pineapple Malpua Recipe for Beginners| Step-by-Step From Scratch

  How Do I Make Pineapple Malpua at Home?


There are a variety of Malpua types and this pineapple malpua is one of those special malpua types that people not only enjoy eating but prefer over the other types of such mouth-watering Bengali sweet dishes. Now, as I promised with my blog reader friends that I'll be presenting to you the easiest pineapple malpua recipe with you shortly, I have come to you today for the same. So stay tuned for the following part of this post to get to know the trick of making your favorite sweet pancake, the famous Bengali sweet pineapple malpua

Malpoa or Malpua- That doesn't Matter, The taste Matters!!!

Pineapple Malpua Recipe

Serves- 4
Cooking time- 45 to 50 mins

Ingredients for making Pineapple Malpua

All the ingredients can be divided into three parts. The batter, sugar syrup, and garnishing. 

Ingredients for the Pineapple Malpua Batter

  1. Maida or flour- 1 cup
  2. Suji- half cup
  3. Pineapple- ½  cup chopped 
  4. Sugar- 1 teaspoon
  5. Milk- 1 tablespoon
  6. Baking soda and salt- a pinch
  7. Water- 1 cup
  8. Ghee- as required to fry the malpua

Ingredients for Malpua Sugar Syrup 

  1. Water- ½ cup
  2. Sugar- ½ cup
  3. Cardamom- 1 teaspoon powder or 3-4 pieces
  4. Saffron sticks- 3-4 sticks

Ingredients for Pineapple Malpua Garnish

  1. Dry fruits- 1 tablespoon crushed

                2. Powder sugar- 1 teaspoon

How to Prepare Pineapple Malpua?

Step 1: Pineapple Malpua Batter

Take a big mixing bowl. Add all the batter ingredients one after another including maida, suji, chopped pineapple, sugar, milk, baking soda, and salt.  
First, mix them very well. Then add water slowly and keep stirring to avoid lumps. 
The consistency of the batter should not be very watery or not very tight. Leave the batter for at least 4-5 hours to settle down.

Step 2: Malpua Sugar Syrup

1. Take a medium-size bowl. Pour the water to boil. 
2. Then add the sugar, cardamom powder, or crushed cardamom, saffron. Stir       continuously in a high flame. 

Step 3: Fry the Malpua

1. Take a frying pan. Pour the ghee and let it come hot to fry. 
2. Now fry the malpua as the size of pancakes.  
3. Do fry all the malpua in the medium flame. Be careful while flipping and taking out from the pan. 

Step 4: Garnish

Place all the malpua in a plate. Garnish with the dry fruits. Sprinkle some sugar powder on it. 

This delicious pineapple malpua is an excellent innovation in the world of Indian dessert. Enjoy the delightful taste of the preparation.  

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