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Malpua Bengali Sweet Recipe| With and Without Sugar Syrup


    Malpua Bengali Sweet Recipe 

Sweets make every meal complete. We, the Indians cannot think of living without sweets, especially the Bengalis. There are endless Bengali sweet recipes invented and followed to enhance the richness of several desserts. We know that Bengal is famous for Rashogolla and Mishti Doi; among the other famous ones, the Malpua recipe is also very popular. Malpua is basically invented in north India but Bengal has adopted it very gracefully. It is believed that Malpua was invented in the period of Rig Veda. People used to call it 'Apupa'.


The making of Malpua is very easy so traditionally it has been carrying forward to our time even with that same old traditional taste. Rig Veda was the period of worship and Malpua was also dedicated to the Gods and Goddess with all the devotional feels. Still, now, most people prepare this sweet for puja purposes. Janmashtami is the main purpose of preparing this very easy delicious dessert. Bengali Malpua recipe has followed three different making styles for different tastes. These sweet pancakes are very soft and juicy delightfully melted in the mouth and give a smooth profound feel to the tastebuds.

Malpua Recipe- Bengali Style

Malpua recipe is very easily made with home ingredients. Usually, there are three types of Malpuas being made in different regions of India. All of them are equally tasty indeed. Home ingredients such as flour, milk, butter, banana, khowa, cardamom, and sugar. The sweet pancakes are made in Janmashtami, Holi, Eid, and many other grand festivals across India. Even it is a very famous sweet overseas due to its worldwide popularity.

The most famous Malpua recipes are-

  • Malpua Recipe with Khowa
  • Malpua Recipe without Khowa
  • Malpua Recipe with Banana
  • Malpua Recipe with Sugar Syrup
  • Malpua Recipe without Sugar Syrup

Here are the delicious recipes for all the different types of Malpua-

Malpua Recipe with Khowa

Malpua with Khowa is basically the Rajasthani style. Most of the Rajasthani sweets are made with Khowa, as they love the taste very much. They usually make these pancakes for prasad on the occasions of pujas, Bhandara. There are other popular Malpua recipes apart from Khowa or Mewa Malpua such as Mango Malpua, Pineapple Malpua, etc.

The required ingredients of the Khowa or Mewa instant Malpua recipe are:

  1. Flour
  2. Milk
  3. Mewa
  4. Ghee
  5. Sugar
  6. Cardamom

Method of Preparing Sweet Malpua at Home

The Bengali sweet recipe of Malpua is also mostly the same. Let’s check out the process.

  • Step 1:

Grade the Khowa fine so that easily it melts in the milk.

  • Step 2:

Give a good boil to the milk and slowly add the khowa. Keep stirring to and fro.

  • Step 3:

After mixing the khowa, add the flour and keep stirring. Make sure it does not create lumps and the batter should not be very watery. The concentration should be balanced at the time of adding the flour.

The process usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to finish. Now it is time to prepare the sugar syrup. The method of making the sweet sugar syrup for Malpua is explained below in detail. Just check it out!

Process of Making Malpua Sugar Syrup

1. Give a good boil to the water

2. Add some split cardamom

3. When the water starts boiling add sugar and stir it well. Slowly the water will become a little thick and sticky. So, now your syrup is ready.

Make medium size pancakes in ghee, it will give a good flavour. When all the pancakes are ready, soak all of them in the sugar syrup for some time to absorb the sweetness properly.

Malpua Recipe without Khowa

We have seen that the making of Malpua is very easy, though the duration is a little longer. The making of the batter is the key factor of Malpua. These pancakes are customized personally for experiments and all of them are very delicious. Huge preparation is not required to prepare this Bengali sweet recipe.

Ingredients for Preparing Malpua Without Khowa

  1. Flour
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar
  4. Fennel seeds
  5. Water

Method of Preparing Malpua at Home Without Khowa

  • Step 1:
Let the milk boil properly first.

  • Step 2:
Then slowly add the flour and keep stirring it. Or else, it can make lumps. Make sure, while adding the flour you need to maintain the consistency to make the perfect batter.

  • Step 3:

You can add some fennel seeds (Sauf) to give extra flavour to it.

  • Step 4:
Now, make the medium-sized pancakes as per your requirements.

Sugar syrup is needed to prepare by the time. The Malpuas are soaked in the syrup to absorb the sweetness very well.

Malpua Sugar Syrup Recipe Step-by-Step

  • Step 1:
Take a bowl of water and give it a good boil.

  • Step 2:
Add 3-4 split cardamom to increase the syrup taste.

  • Step 3:
Stir it well on a high flame.

  • Step 4:
When the bubbles start to come out and the mixture becomes a little sticky and thick then turn off the gas to settle it down.

  • Step 5:
Then dip the Malpuas in the syrup or else you can spread the syrup on the plated Malpua to soak it for quite a long time, about a minimum of half an hour.

Malpua Recipe with Banana

This is the most common process popular in Bengal for making Malpua. The Bengali sweet recipes have a number of varieties to make them innovatively special and simple of course. All the ingredients are the same as other varieties. Only banana is a new addition to make the Malpua more soft and tasty. We have already checked out two more varieties of Malpua recipes. So let's see this recipe.

Ingredients for Preparing Banana Malpua at Home

All the ingredients are very easily available at home. We can even use the leftover bananas to prepare it. Believe it or not, the taste will not disappoint you.

  1. Flour
  2. Fennel seeds
  3. Banana
  4. Milk
  5. Sugar
  6. Water

Method of Preparing Banana Malpua

Just like the other varieties of Malpua; the batter is the main part of it. The concentration of the batter should be moderately liquid; so that the pancakes will easily come out from the pan.

  • Step 1:
First, take a big mixing bowl.

  • Step 2:
Now mash all the bananas properly. We can make the paste in a mixer grinder to save time.

  • Step 3:
Now mix the flour and banana paste with the help of milk. Pour a little milk thoroughly by keeping an eye on the thickness.

  • Step 4:
Fry all the pancakes very carefully. It is better to make it in a non-stick pan. It will help the pancakes to come out easily.

The other main part of Malpua is preparing the sugar syrup.

Method of Making Sugar Syrup for Banana Malpua

  • Step 1:
Take a medium bowl of water. Give a good boil.

  • Step 2:
Then add some split cardamom for flavor.

  • Step 3:
At last, pour the proper amount of sugar and leave it to an extreme boil.

  • Step 4:
When the water becomes a little thick and sticky spread it on the Malpuas to soak to the sweetness.

Malpua Recipe without Sugar Syrup

The above-mentioned best Malpua recipes have two main parts. One is making the batter and the other is making the syrup. It takes a little longer time to complete the whole process. Now we will discuss the most shortcut process of making the delicious Malpua. The instant Malpua recipe is to serve the sweet pancakes to sudden guests at home.

Here also we can use the homely ingredients to prepare.

Two types of Malpua without sugar syrup are popular.

1. Bengali Malpua Recipe with Jaggery 

2. Bengali Malpua Recipe with Sugar 

Ingredients for Malpua Recipe Without Sugar Syrup

  1. White Flour
  2. Jaggery or sugar
  3. Cardamom
  4. Black pepper powder
  5. Fennel seeds
  6. Milk
  7. Water

Process of Making Malpua Without Sugar Syrup

Making this particular Malpua is the easiest one. It only takes time to grind the jaggery to mix well. Or else the batter can leave lumps which restrict the smooth batter. Jaggery gives a different delicate taste to it.

  • Step 1:
Take a big mixing bowl.

  • Step 2:
Grind the jaggery or sugar-like powder.

  • Step 3:
Pour the white flour, jaggery or sugar, and milk slowly.

  • Step 4:
Keep stirring them thoroughly to avoid the lumps.

  • Step 5:
Add split cardamom, fennel, and black pepper to increase the flavour.

  • Step 6:
Make sure the batter is not very watery.

  • Step 7:
Now fry them in a flat non-stick pan.

The taste will not be very different from the Malpuas soaked in sugar syrup.


India is an ancient traditional country and so is the Bengal. Its traditional cultures, rituals, and emotions glorify us from the ancient period. We, the Indians, especially Bengalis, proudly carry forward different traditional Bengali sweet recipes generation after generation. Most of the endless numbers of recipes of sweets of Bengal are very ancient.

Malpua can be easily listed in the easiest sweet-making recipes of India. We have celebrated a lot of devotional festivals all over the years. So we definitely need some varieties on the menu. This article is mainly for sharing the easiest Malpua recipe so people can easily make Malpua sweets at their homes on special occasions.

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