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Bengali Malpua Recipe Without Sugar Syrup



Bengali Malpua Recipe Without Sugar Syrup      

Bengal is famous for its sweet items. Such an item is Malpua. The dish is very much popular and it's extremely easy to make. However, there are two varieties of this recipe known to us. One is the Bengali Malpua Recipe without Sugar Syrup and another is with sugar syrup. Most people prefer the without Sugar Syrup recipe because without adding the sugar syrup you can reduce the extra sugar consumption without compromising on taste. Let's see the recipe in detail.

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What are the Ingredients Required for Making a Bengali Malpua Recipe Without Sugar Syrup?

This Bengali Malpua recipe is extremely easy. To make this you need the following ingredients -

  • All-purpose flour - 2 cups

  • Semolina/ Sooji - 1 cup

  • Crushed coconut - 3/4th cup

  • Granulated Sugar - 1 cup

  • Milk - 3 cups

  • Flannel Seeds - 2 teaspoon

  • Green Cardamom - 2-3 pieces 

  • Oil for frying 

Now let's check out how to prepare this recipe.

How to Prepare Bengali Malpua Recipe Without Sugar Syrup?

To make this easy Malpua recipe you need to follow the following step-by-step process. 

  • Prepare the Batter

The first step of this recipe is to prepare the batter for the Malpua. For this, at first, we need to take a bowl. Now, sieve the flour and add it to the bowl. Now add the semolina, crushed coconut, and sugar into the bowl and mix everything together. After that add half of the milk into the bowl and mix with the dry ingredients. After mixing a bit, add the remaining milk and make a flower batter. Now once the batter is ready, cover the bowl and let the batter rest for at least 30 to 45 minutes. 

  • Make the Masala

In a pan dry roast the flannel seeds and green cardamom one by one on low-medium flame. Don't overlook or burn them and do this step carefully. Now, let these ingredients cool down. Once they are cool, crush them a bit and add to the batter. Now, mix everything together.

  • Fry the Malpuas

Now comes the last step of this Malpua Recipe, which is frying them. Take a kadhai and add cooking oil to it. Heat the oil properly. Once the oil is properly heated, take a serving spoon and with the help of it drop a little portion of the batter into the oil. Keep the flame at a low medium. The batter will form a round shape and will start floating into the oil. 

Fry both sides of the Malpua until it becomes golden brown. Once the frying is done, strain the Malpua and keep it aside. Follow a similar process and make Malpuas from the batter one by one.  


Once the Malpuas are fried, you can arrange them on plates and serve them hot. You don't need to soak them in any sugar syrup, they are very tempting without the sugar syrup, in the way mentioned in the recipe. This special Malpua recipe is going to be a big hit during every festive season, house party, puja, or social gathering. The above-mentioned recipe serves 6-7 persons.

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