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Mango Malpua Recipe for Beginners| Complete Step-By-Step Explanations


   Mango Malpua Recipe for Beginners| Complete Step-By-Step Explanations

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Mango Malpua Recipe


Ingredients for Mango Malpua ( serving for 4 people)

  1. Wheat flour- 1 and ½ cup
  2. Mango pulp- 4 tablespoon
  3. Curd or yogurt- 2 tablespoon
  4. Honey- 4 tablespoon
  5. Ghee- 2 cups
  6. Water- 2 cups

Ingredients for Garnishing

  1. Chopped mango- 2 
  2. Coconut flake- 2 tablespoon
  3. Pista and almond- roughly 8 pieces as per your choice


The Step-by-Step Process of Making Mango Malpua

Step 1: Preparing the batter

First, take a large mixing bowl and mix all the flour, and curd very well. 
Then slowly add water and keep stirring it. Make sure you can't stop the whisking otherwise the batter can leave lumps. 
If possible leave it for at least 5 to 6 hours for getting the perfect fermented malpua batter

Step 2: Preparing the Mango Malpua Mix


Take another small bowl. Pour the whole mango pulp and honey in it. Mix it very well to make it smooth.
Add the mango mix with the fermented flour batter. Whisk it properly to mix the mango pulp. 

Step 3: Fry the Malpua


Take a frying pan. Heat the ghee and make the pancake style malpua in a medium flame. As you have already added mango and honey, so, there is no need for the sugar syrup in this mango malpua recipe


Step 4: Garnish

Now plate all the Malpua and garnish it before serving. Spread the grated coconut, pista, and almond on it. 
All the mango lovers should try this recipe of mango malpua in the home at least once. Enjoy the Mango Malpua

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