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Bread Malpua Recipe Easy and Quick Homemade (15 Minutes Make)



Bread Malpua Recipe Easy and Quick Homemade (15 Minutes Make)  

The bread Malpua recipe items consist of bread that is stuffed with khoya and dry fruits and is fried and soaked in sugar syrup. Get ready to learn how to make bread Malpua step by step.

Ingredients For Bread Malpua (Eight)

  • Sliced white bread – 8 pieces

  • Khoya or mawa - 350 grams 

  • Cardamom or elaichi powder - 1 tsp 

  • Saffron or kesar - A few strands

  • Chopped cashew or kaju - 40 grams

  • Raisins or Kishmish - 30 grams 

  • Chopped pistachios or pista – 4 numbers 

  • Grated coconut or nariyal - 50 grams 

  • Milk - 150 ml 

  • Sugar - 2 cups + 2 tbsp

  • Clarified butter or ghee

Preparation Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

20 minutes

Nutrition Value (One Malpua)


171 kcal







Saturated Fat


Polyunsaturated Fat


Monounsaturated Fat


Trans Fat














The Easy Bread Malpua Recipe Step-by-Step

Here are the bread Malpua recipe steps you should follow while making the Malpuas. Let’s learn how to prepare bread Malpua at home:  

Step 1 – Preparation of Sugar Syrup for Bread Malpua

Heat 600 ml of water on medium flame and add two cups of sugar to it. Keep on stirring until the sugar syrup becomes one string thick. Flavour the syrup with cardamom powder and add a dash of yellow colour to it with a few strands of saffron. Turn off the gas and set it aside.   

Step 2 - Prepare Stuffing for Bread Malpua

For the stuffing, dice the pistachios, cashews, and raisins and keep them in a bowl. Add khoya, coconut, cardamom powder and 2 tbsp sugar to it. Mix them together and the stuffing is ready.

Step 3 – Making of Malpua

Take a bowl and add 150 ml of water and 150 ml of milk. Cut the edges of the bread slices and dip them in the mixture of water and milk. Squeeze off the excess liquid. Be careful, don’t tear the piece. Place the bread piece on your palm and put two tablespoons of stuffing at its centre. Give a round shape to the Malpuas.  


Step 4 – Frying Process of The Malpuas

Take clarified butter or ghee in a pan and heat on medium flame. Add the Malpuas one by one in it and start frying. Keep on flipping them every few minutes and keep on frying until they are golden brown on both sides.

Step 5 – Dipping Process of The Malpuas 

As per the homemade Malpua recipe, add the fried Malpuas to the warm sugar syrup, flip each side and put off the heat. For twenty minutes, keep them in the hot syrup and serve them hot or cold. 

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